Landscape Maintenance

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Hawaii Landscape provides an extensive maintenance program that includes:

Irrigation management that includes frequent inspections of all zones and adjustments to each sprinkler head. Repair of irrigation lines, valves and timers by our experienced technicians ensure that your landscaping is receiving the necessary levels of water to thrive. We also install rain sensors to automatically shut down the system in times of heavy precipitation.

Insect and disease control services are included which monitors all plant materials for infestation from insect predators and apply judicious amounts of insecticides to keep your plants healthy and happy.

Fertilization service is included on a quarterly basis to maintain soil fertility and proper PH to ensure your plants can properly absorb nutrients in the various soil conditions that exist in Hawaii.

Consultation services are provided which includes planning for improvements to the irrigation system and new landscaping. We have our own nursery which grows trees, palms, shrubs and ground covers to enhance your property and improve curb appeal.

Tree trimming services are also provided to keep your trees properly shaped and healthy.

Monthly reports are provided to document irrigation repairs, fertilizer and insecticide applications and any incidents that impact your landscaping.

Our management staff is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and committed to exceeding your expectations.

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